Rakaia ... final rehearsals

Okay so as per my last entry, yes we spent a good amount of time on "Rakaia" on Wednesday night. It was fantastic. Everyone finally got their head around it (... it seemed so anyway). I think many of the players are not familiar with this sort of music, so it has taken a while for things to sit naturally. Technically it is not too challenging but things just do not sit as you may expect as a player. Anyway after that rehearsal I went home a happy composer. Then ... today was the final rehearsal. We ran it twice and it was FANTASTIC!! I am so pleased with how it is sounding. I've been pretty pedantic about how I want it, and only today I felt that all of that paid off. Of course on concert day (tomorrow), it will rise to another notch so I can't wait.

By the way, if any of the members of Auckland Symphony are reading this, then THANK YOU so much. It is sound fantastic and I know a lot of personal practice and perseverance has gone into it. Many many thanks.

Stay tuned for how the premiere went.