Rakaia ... premiere

Well well well. This afternoon was the premiere of "Rakaia" and it went very well. I wasn't playing in it so could really enjoy it. The percussion finally got it all together and sounding fantastic and the strings got (almost) all of their notes in. Everyone gets a little excited as it goes through ... including the conductor, so the tempo pushed a little but overall it was fantastic and had heaps of great feedback from the audience.

Rakaia Premiere

Above is a photo of Auckland Symphony during the premiere.

By the way I just want to clarify ... it said in the programme that I won the 2006 Young Composer Award. This was in fact not the case, I was commended at these awards. I hope no one is mislead by this. Not sure who wrote my programme bio up.

If any of those reading this went to the concert, I'd love to get your comments and feedback. Please send them through to me here.

I'm looking forward to next week's concert at the Bruce Mason Centre. For details see the news.