Academy and Supervising

Hey everyone, well last weekend was the final of the Auckland University Academy of Music for 2008, and perhaps as we know it. On Saturday was the actual last day, and then Sunday was a chamber music festival followed by the concert in the evening featuring the ensembles, percussion groups and orchestra. I was stage managing for the day to help out and was heaps of fun. Anyway next year they are completely changing the running of it and supposedly taking away the chamber music elements and small teaching classes such as musicianship, but keeping the orchestra and larger ensembles. Of course that is an absolute joke as those aspects are where people actually learn and develop. Anyway if that all goes ahead there will simply not be an Academy of Music anymore which is a big shame as it is/was such a fantastic resource for Auckland emerging musicians. On a cheerier note, Trinity examinations are well into action once again. I am a supervisor for these exams and so am now out most days of the week until December. Some days are horrible and busy, but most are great and I can get a lot of my own work done which is FANTASTIC. Of course it’s great fun looking after the examiners as well – usually VERY English, delightful old men.

Oh and by the way coming up is the North Shore Junior Orchestra end of year concert and auditions for the 2008 orchestra. If you're interested, or know of someone who may be, visit: