14 music books free to a good home!

Hi everybody, the following list of 14 music books (pictured above) are free to a good home. I have picked them up over the years (all second-hand-bookshop-type condition) and despite carting them to one end of the country and back (don't ask why), I simply have not used them. Here are the titles:

  • The well-tempered String Quartet - Bruno Aulich & Ernst Heimeran
  • A Short Guide to Long Play - Martyn Goff
  • The Symphony - Ralph Hill (ed.)
  • Invertible Counterpoint and Canon - C. H. Kitson
  • A Dictionary of Music - R. Illing
  • Stories of Famous Operas - Harold Vincent Milligan
  • Chamber Music - Alec Robertson (ed.)
  • Sounds and Signs: Aspects of Musical Notation - Hugo Cole
  • The Complete Opera Book: The Stories of the Operas, together with 410 of the Leading Airs and Motives in Musical Notation - Gustav Kobbe
  • The Class Music Teacher - Charles Proctor
  • Music in the Medieval World - Albert Seay
  • Music in the Renaissance - Howard M. Brown
  • A Music Guide for Schools - Priestley and Grayson
  • Lexicon of Musical Invective: Critical Assaults on Composers Since Beethoven's Time - Nicolas Slonimsky

I am in Auckland and you would need to pick them up. Send me an email or comment if you are interested.