Scoring Avatar

"Director James Cameron wasn’t the only one who relied on technological advances to give Avatar an otherworldly feel. Award-winning film composer James Horner also broke new ground with his compelling soundtrack, relying on Pro Tools|HD and Sibelius to compose the music, orchestrate parts, and sculpt otherworldly sonic textures."

The Avatar score - some people love it, some people hate it, but either way, this is a nice little doco about its creation. It's not often that James Horner appears on interviews like this - well not that I've come across - so it's nice to hear him speak about what he does. It also includes the legendary scoring mixer Simon Rhodes and electronic music arranger Simon Franglen talking about their contribution.

They talk about how they used the software to bring it all together, especially interesting as the score combines both orchestral and electronic elements.

It is REALLY a promo for Avid (Pro Tools and Sibelius mainly) so prepare for an onslaught of endorsements, but I enjoyed it. Let me know what you think.