Moana Ataahua, the rehearsals begin

Two weeks ago I travelled down to Taupo for the first big rehearsal of Moana Ataahua. Brilliant. Really good. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, thank goodness, and managed playing it well on first attempt. Justin Gibbs, the conductor, says:

"Smoldering, bubbling, swelling and ultimately eruptive! Moana Ataahua (Beautiful Lake) by Ryan Youens embraces all that Taupo represents. The violent yet beautiful geological processes that have heaved up and carved out our part of the world are represented here in music. Thundering percussion, shrill woodwind, triumphant brass and lyrical, arching melodies in the choir unite to create a composition that leaves you breathless until the final thump. Written with an intimate understanding of how community music operates, Moana Ataahua is sure to release an eruption of pride in our town."

Here some photos from rehearsal number one:

ERUPT rehearsal-156

ERUPT rehearsal-130

ERUPT rehearsal-92

ERUPT rehearsal-135

ERUPT rehearsal-148

ERUPT rehearsal-8

ERUPT rehearsal-170

Rehearsal number two, a week later, was a huge step up in standard. The orchestra started to become very tight and the choir, as you will notice in the photos, tripled in size from the first rehearsal so the balance was much better. The community seems to be really enjoying the project, some very good musicians just turned up and wanted to be involved. Here are a few pics of this second rehearsal:

20100425 Taupo-4

20100425 Taupo-1

20100425 Taupo-2

20100425 Taupo-5

20100425 Taupo-9

20100425 Taupo-11

It is an absolute joy to be at each of these rehearsals and see the work progressing. Heading down again this Sunday for a final rehearsal, ahead of the recording next Friday and premiere next Saturday:

  • Saturday 8 May, 2 – 3.30pm
  • Weather postponement: Sunday 9 May, 2 – 3.30pm
  • Duration: 1.5 Hours
  • Venue: Unison Amphitheatre Riverside Park
  • Price: FREE

Huge thanks and congratulations to all those involved. I look forward to rehearsal three in a few days.