A recipe for Soul Food

A friend of mine, Anna Donald, has a project for 2011 - she is a young mum and to keep living an exciting life, she is trying something new each week and blogging about it here: Mi Cosa Nueva. On Facebook she asked for ideas and I suggested she write some words to a song and I would set it to music. Within the hour Anna had written the lyrics, she continues:

"I flicked it on to Ryan, and he replied immediately, saying he’d ‘whip it up’. A couple of days later I was stunned to hear that he had not only written the music, he’d also recorded the backing track with piano, guitar, drums and bass. He suggested that I come over and learn it and record it with him. By this stage I was so excited that I nearly wet my pants."

Anna came over and recorded the singing while Wendy, my wife, got clucky looking after her baby, Rosalie, upstairs.

20110323 soul food recording 2

I then produced everything and I'll let Anna continue:

"Ryan turned up to my husband’s 30th a few days later with the complete package of CD, chords and sheet music, all professionally bound with some photos of me recording the song. My husband, for whom the song is written, is quite smitten with the song and has been humming it around the house ever since. (‘Da da da da soul food…’)"

Have a listen:

Soul Food by ryanyouens

I had heaps of fun, Anna loved it, what better way to spend a few hours!! Read her full post here.