Preparing for education

Schools are back this week, and to celebrate I am introducing a new service aimed specifically at helping school music departments. Are you a school music teacher? You will want to read on! 3100508059_5c99a0f9e1_zMusic preparation, notation and arranging tasks come up often - they sit on your desk, perhaps you may give it to a student to have a go at, but it's often a job made more than it should be. Until now, that is.

We all know how ridiculously passionate I am about preparing music, so here's an option I hope you can't resist.

It's simple. A job comes up, email it to me, and I'll do it quickly and without hassle. I'll email it back as a PDF ready for you to print or copy at your leisure.

Here are some possibilities:

  • Found the perfect piece for your group, but it doesn’t suit their instrumentation or technical ability? I can arrange it.
  • A singing student needs their piece in a different key? I can transpose it.
  • Gave out an original part and now it is missing? I can recreate it.
  • No violas? I can make your violin III part.
  • Got a sax in your orchestra or other non-standard instruments? I can create their parts.
  • Need worksheets or examples created for your resources or presentations? I can do it.
  • Have handwritten, printed or MIDI music that you need in Sibelius? I can do it.
  • Sibelius frustration? I can help.

Sound good? Visit my new schools page here and download the flyer.

There is no doubt that music departments are a hive of activity in schools. The amount of rehearsals supervised, parts organised and music read every week is astonishing. Hopefully in 2012 I can help to take the pressure off.