An opportunity to make the floor rumble

It's not often that you can make the floor rumble but when the powers of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and Auckland Town Hall Organ combine, I might just have that opportunity! Auckland Town Hall Organ Facade

I am very happy to be one of the six composers writing a work for these two forces. One of the great things about these APO composer workshops is the process - there are three workshops with the orchestra during this year, followed by the premiere in May 2013. The first is in May and most of us I'm sure will just trial ideas, versions, sections and so on.

The other composers are Robbie Ellis, Anthony Young, David Hamilton, Chris Adams and Ben Hoadley.

My organist is James Tibbles, the Associate Head of Performance at Auckland University and of course one of New Zealand's leading keyboardists.

My piece has a working title of "Tiraki" - a Maori verb meaning to clear the sky, or lift away the clouds. I hope to use this idea to characterise the music and explore different layering and texturing within the orchestra.

Keep up with this blog for updates on the project as it progresses. Also, check out the Auckland Town Hall organ and the Auckland Philharmonia websites.