Reconstructing the constructed

Over the last week I have been revisiting an old work of mine, re-orchestrating, re-arranging and re-discovering. What a blast. I have never done it before, well not to this degree where I have completely left it for several years. In some ways it is rather strange, to revisit what I was thinking - the way I orchestrated seems rather odd, but back then I thought it was marvelous. I have:

  • Taken out some chunks, added a few bars and written a new ending.
  • Removed some of the percussion instruments and have incorporated that material into other instruments.
  • Stripped some passages right back and have re-grown with some new material.
  • Overall I have refined the orchestrations, which I was never truly happy with, and have made it a much sturdier piece.

I generally like to leave a piece once it's done, and give my energy to a new project. But, since I was given the opportunity, I have greatly enjoyed the process and have learnt truckloads. The piece is definitely still the piece it always was, but now it has a little extra spice, character and finesse.

The piece is Guardians of the North, which was written for, and premiered by the Opononi Music Summer School in 2007 with help from Creative New Zealand funding. This thoroughly revised version will be performed by the Auckland Wind Orchestra on the 18th October, 2009 at Aotea Chapel on Queen St in Auckland.

Masters Portfolio ... (drum roll please) ... FINISHED!!

Hey everyone. Well yesterday I sent off my master portfolio down to Wellington. All 56minutes and 147pages of music. The last week was a mad scramble, partly because I thought I had an extra month, but by the time I sent it off it looked really good. Had some FANTASTIC recordings on the CD and overall was really pleased. I'll get some of these recordings on to my audio player and MySpace soon. So what now?? Good question! Have got lots of jobs and things to be doing over the next two weeks such as making my new website,, and doing a report for Creative New Zealand for some funding I got a while ago. After that ... not sure. It's time to reevaluate things I think! Bye for now.

Opononi: It's on track ... second time around!

Hey everyone, Well I thought I had better post an update on how the piece is going for those who are following the progress. Well initial stages were going ... okay, but then I got so frustrated so I started afresh. Second time around I've taken a new approach and it seems to be taking shape a lot better. The next week is crunch time. Stay tuned ...

The new work for Opononi begins & Creative NZ to support

Hey everyone. Well great news ... Creative NZ will be funding the new work being written for the Opononi Summer School. The work ... of course ... was going to be written anyway, but it is FANTASTIC to get support for doing so. So the work begins. I have been playing with ideas for some time now, but in the next week or so it'll get well underway. I will post progress updates here from time to time so pop in every now and then. Use the link here to go straight to posts exclusively on Opononi. There is also a page with general info on the project here.