NZSM Composers Competition 2006

Well last night was this years NZSM Composers Competition Concert. It was ... very interesting. I suppose I should start with my piece "No Ordinary Sun" - it was fantastic (of course I'd say that though). It was an extremely hard piece to put together for the performers, and it sounded great considering the amount of time that we had to put it together in. So they did extremely well. It was performed by far the best it ever has been, so I really couldn't have asked for more. I think the complexity of the piece really paid off in portraying its nature and creating quite a unique sound world which I was pleased about. Had tonnes of great comments and feedback from various people afterwards, especially about the colours and stylistic elements of the piece, as well as the effectiveness of the percussion writing, so overall it was a good night. Anyway perhaps I shouldn't say anything about the rest of the concert, except that Alexandra Hay's piece was absolutely fantastic, I loved it, and it was the very well deserved and clear winner.

A wee update on my music

I thought I should sum up what's happening musically at the moment. Well... I've got the NZSO workshops next week which should be great. My piece "Unspoken Monologue" is being workshopped and recorded which I am REALLY looking forward to. Last years piece of mine that was in it was 'nice', this years piece is fantastic. So I can't wait to hear what they do with it.

Then after that "NO Ordinary Sun" is in the NZSM Composition Competition finals concert on 15th September. It WILL be great. Am having an absolute battle getting all the players for it ... especially a tenor. But SLOWELY its coming together (though fingers are still crossed).

Finally "Insight" is being premiered by 'The New Aesthetic' - the NZSM Graduate Quartet. This piece is great, I was trying out a heap of new things, so I guess I will find out if they worked. lol It will be a great concert though. Details on any of these concerts can be found here.

At the moment I'm working on "Mei Spero" for nine instruments (including a heap of percussion) and have ripped to bits (not literally) "Through my eyes, I see" which was workshopped at the Nelson workshop and I'm gradually building it up again and it is AWESOME!! It's going really well. Aside these things for my masters work, I'm revising my wedding suite for piano which is getting recorded soon. It's a really awesome piece of music. I've been contemplating the role it actually plays in the service - part of the reason I'm revising it. I definitely haven't got an outcome.