Tweeting from the NZSO NYO

Pondering the @nzsonyo programme!I was very happy to get a twitter message from the NZSO National Youth Orchestra earlier in the week offering me free tickets to last night's concert if I would tweet from it through the night. Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm guessing they chose me as a composer - there was a new New Zealand work on the programme - and they also asked pianist Jason Bae - I'm sure to give insight on piano soloist Lara Melda.

You may be wondering, I wasn't allowed to tweet during the actual concert just before, during the interval and afterwards.

Here are some of my tweets:

Why am I telling you this? Firstly, because it's a great idea and good on the NZSO. Secondly, I want to go to more concerts so go on, give me some free tickets and I'll tweet live.

Super excited. @nzsonyo here we go!

National Youth Orchestra 2006

Well tonight I went to the 2006 NYO concert (NZ National Youth Orchestra). The first of three concerts, the others in Auckland and Christchurch. It was also the premiere of Claire Cowan's new work "Trains of Thinking" (see her site here). Anyway, WOW, concert was fantastic. The highlight by far was Shostakovich's Symphony No.10. It was really well played. The strings this year are incredibly tight and are HUGE. I think I counted 12 violas. THATS AWESOME. The percussion as well was great - it's a great symphony for the percussion. Anyway Claire's piece was amazing. She's always so original and innovative - absolutely loved the piece. Make sure you visit her site here.

Of course afterwards it was fantastic to catch up with everyone from years past.