"Through my eyes, I hear" premieres in Wellington

Hey everyone, well after many hours of travelling and visiting people, we finally made it to Wellington. IT... IS... HOT...!! Oh my gosh it is hot. Not helped by the fact that we have MANY things to do around the city and how are we getting everywhere?? WALKING!! Anyway I shall get back on track: Of course we are here for the Asia Pacific Festival and more importantly the premiere of my piece "Through my eyes, I hear". In talking with the players in the last few weeks, Youri Jeon and Takumi Motokawa, I knew they were finding it hard. Of course, it is a hard piece. But I didn't know what to expect at the first rehearsal. Anyway I got there and it was sounding FANTASTIC. We had another practice which also went really well, and got some good feedback from the players about the piece.

Then came concert day ... today. This morning the piece fell apart in the dress rehearsal ... just unorganised music etc, but that means a great performance right?? Indeed it does. The performance went really well. The odd place it got a little loose, but probably only I noticed. They got to the end and had a fantastic big finish. AWESOME!! Had some great feedback from people after the concert which of course was fantastic. Anyway I'll do a post about the whole festival in a few days time.



By the way ... apologies about the lack of photos from my concert ... I kind of forgot!!