As a music preparer and arranger

"Thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to the RWC opening ceremony. You're such a joy to work with... so light and positive (and incredibly organised... how on earth do you do it?). I really appreciate how hard you worked, how enthusiastic you were and how easy you made everything look." Victoria Kelly, composer. Auckland, New Zealand.

"I got to hear the strings for "Giant of the Sea" once I got into the studio with Warren this past Tuesday. Sat down, played the track and cranked the strings... and all I can say is "Oh My God". You are the man, Ryan. Please pass on my huge massive thanks to your string players - I hope to meet them all one day soon to thank them personally and yourself. I know where I'll be referring people to for strings work. Thank you my bro. I am beyond happy." Mark Vanilau, singer/musician, Christchurch, New Zealand.

"Also crucial to the success of the recordings was Ryan Youens, who managed to get the notes out of my disordered sessions and make them legible for the musicians. How I ever lived without him, I simply cannot bear to remember." Victoria Kelly, composer. Auckland, New Zealand.

"Thanks for the super quick transposing service. Excellent." - Peter Thomas, conductor, Auckland Symphony Orchestra.

"This was a tricky job – lots of fiddly detail and formatting problems in my rough score - which also needed to be turned around quickly. Ryan resolved all technical problems and produced a crisply laid-out and exactingly proofread version of the score (not to mention parts), which kept the project on track. Deadline met - thanks Ryan!" Dugal McKinnon, composer. Wellington, New Zealand.

"I recently asked Ryan to typeset a composition of mine, which uses graphical notation. It was a very tricky job indeed given the limitations of the notation softwares available today. But Ryan did an overwhelmingly awesome job. He set the score just as I envisioned, to such perfection. I cannot thank him enough for finishing it on time as well, given such a tight deadline, for such a painstaking and time consuming job. I found it very easy to convey my ideas to him and I must say, I am very bad at communicating. Also, I have only ever spoken to him via email! Working with him was magic. He is great in what he does and I highly recommend him for anyone looking for a good music copyist. Thanks a lot Ryan, could have not done it without you mate." Sudharsan Sivaramakrishnadas, composer. Christchurch, New Zealand.

"Ryan Youens, copyist and engraver, works for me on quite a regular basis. Much of it has entailed producing full scores and individual performance parts by computer and has involved orchestral, choral, brass band and chamber music ensembles. The standard of production is very high. Ryan deals promptly with work in hand; corrections are dealt with almost by return mail; and the final delivered article is accurate and conforms to instructions. Ryan's fees are reasonable. His standards are professional and, insofar as I am concerned, everything he has done has been to my entire satisfaction." John Ritchie, composer. Christchurch, New Zealand.

"Ryan provides an extremely professional, efficient service. I was very pleased with the end result and the consultative nature of the process itself, which helped me clearly define what I was looking for." Finn Brooke, director, First Merchant Finance. Auckland, New Zealand.

"Very nice, Ryan. I can't believe you have managed to decode my logic file so exactly. This is magic. The piano part is excellent (and) I recognise your fine orchestration work." Bjørn Norvall Hoemsnes, composer. Skoppum, Norway.

"I recently composed music for the Sphaera Ensemble in Brazil. I met Ryan Youens by chance through his website. I never thought our collaboration would be so accurate, quick and magnificent. Ryan is a very talented musician, he understands exactly what I like in my music. He orchestrated my fugue in a very short time and in a marvelous way. I'd recommend to anyone as he made the job very quick, clean and without the need to make corrections. Most of all, he understands the feeling of the music which I gave him. The concert was a great success." Alexandros Pappas, composer. Athens, Greece.

"Ryan spent two nights and a day on my large scale orchestral score and parts. This is an extraordinary feat and I was very happy with his perfectionist approach and professional work ethics. Not only did he present the parts meticulously folded and photocopied, but he drove into town to deliver them to me at rehearsal. Bloody legend! Thanks Ryan, I shall certainly be requesting your services again. You saved me a bucket load of stress!" Claire Cowan, composer. Auckland, New Zealand.

"A difficult editing job, very well done." Maarire Goodall, composer. Wellington, New Zealand.

"The music looks AMAZING!  Thank you soooooo much!" Esther-Shahn Naylor, composer. Auckland, New Zealand

"For Rubbings From a Live Man, I worked with Ryan by remote on the transcription of some sampled cello works. His communication was prompt & his work was excellent and I would have absolutely no hesitation in calling him again! Thanks Ryan!" Marc Chesterman, sound designer, composer. Wellington, New Zealand.

"Ryan did a fantastic job with quick transposing of parts for the Junior Orchestra. I gave the music to him on Sunday afternoon and by Tuesday the parts were all complete and in my inbox. Thanks Ryan!" David Kay, conductor. Auckland, New Zealand.

"I am basically a tunesmith and a geriatric one at that ... I was browsing thru the music notice board at Auckland University and noticed Ryan's poster ... Went home and brought up his website and the rest is history. My gals (Waiheke Piano Trio) love playing Ryan's arrangements of my melodic creations and one day I will commission Ryan to score my epic work 'China 70s Child' ... ." Brently Ford, composer. Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

As a composer

"We were privileged to hear the first performance of a brand new work for orchestra composed by the Auckland–based composer Ryan Youens. Titled “Unwrapped”, the programme notes indicated that the work was intended to explore the range of emotions that are experienced when unwrapping a gift - it did not require a vivid imagination to appreciate how much the orchestration conveyed this. This composition was tuneful and the orchestration skilfully managed and well balanced, so that every section of the orchestra had its moment of glory." Robert O’Hara, reviewer. Auckland, New Zealand.

"Smoldering, bubbling, swelling and ultimately eruptive! Moana Ataahua (Beautiful Lake) by Ryan Youens embraces all that Taupo represents. The violent yet beautiful geological processes that have heaved up and carved out our part of the world are represented here in music. Thundering percussion, shrill woodwind, triumphant brass and lyrical, arching melodies in the choir unite to create a composition that leaves you breathless until the final thump. Written with an intimate understanding of how community music operates, Moana Ataahua is sure to release an eruption of pride in our town." Justin Gibbs, conductor. Taupo, New Zealand.

"Ryan is certainly a talented composer and a delight to work with. He is very reliable considering that with my project he had a very short notice yet he did an amazing job. His artistic input added more strength to my film, Missing and I am definitely looking forward to working with him in the future. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a clever and capable composer." Mojan Javadi, film director. Auckland, New Zealand.

"Ryan is a great talented musician and so sweet as a friend. Working with him brings to me more motivation and I am sure he will do exactly what I have in my mind, because he is very well prepared for this. [A] great success and certainly one of the major artist of New Zealand, and, in the future, of the world, I believe." Alexey Kurkdjian. conductor. Sau Paulo, Brazil.

"A great and unforgettable day for the Sphaera Ensemble and especially for me! Ryan did a great job with us! Thank you, my friend, and keep doing this!" [after workshopping and recording my music with the ensemble] Alexey Kurkdjian. conductor. Sau Paulo, Brazil.

As a teacher

"When is Ryan coming back...?" Kerikeri High School student, NZ.

"I didnt know it was this easy composing!!" Kerikeri High School student, NZ.

"I've come across Ryan by chance on the net when I was looking for someone to help me understand more about music theory and composition for orchestras. Ryan's effective teaching approach has enabled me to understand more about music in 2 months than what I've been able to learn in the past 10 years. I found his professional etiquette towards me as his student to be quite admirable as he was able to approach different theoretical complexities from multiple angles enabling me to understand them much quicker and easier. Ryan's knowledge extends even further into the world of recording and mixing using Logic Software that he introduced me to and enabled me to give life to my very first piece I composed in title Worlds Apart. I have really enjoyed every split second working and learning from Ryan. It's been an absolute pleasure. Ryan's demeanor and his remarkable knowledge in music has made the overall learning experience for me absolutely priceless." Vladimir Krasojevic, composer. United States of America, (formally Auckland, New Zealand).